Spring Grand Giveaway | May 15 - June 30, 2023

From Monday, May 15th, at 12.00 AM to Friday, June 30th, at 11.59 PM
Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Here are the experts
  • Barb Ashcroft

    Author, Mentor, Encourager & Strategist

    Fulfillment Formula - Paralysis to Purpose Master Checklist & Workbook valued at $125.00
    Barb Ashcroft

    Previously ONLY offered to paid Mastermind Attendees - this concise checklist and 7 page workbook is something you can implement for any PIVOT or Course Correction that you wish to make in ALL areas of your Life Pie (Physical Health, Money, Nutrition, Career, Mental Attitude, Relationships, Emotional Well-Being, Fun, and Spiritual as each of these make up pie wedges in your Circle of Life).

  • Colleen Biggs

    Business Strategist

    Create your 30-Day Business Action Plan valued at $127
    Colleen Biggs

    Move from overwhelmed and anxious to organized and empowered — as Colleen walks you through creating your business to-do list for the next month… to help you build (or maintain) your lucrative, rewarding, purpose-filled business.

    As an entrepreneur or business owner, do you sometimes feel stuck, unclear, or unmotivated in your business?

    You’re not alone. It actually makes perfect sense you’d feel this way…

    Now that you’re your own boss, you wear every hat in your business — and, understandably, you’re not sure what to execute on a daily basis to launch, grow, scale, or accelerate the successful business of your dreams.

  • Denise Belisle

    Serenity Expert

    The Breakthrough System Masterclass valued at $149
    Denise Belisle

    Are you struggling to plan for your long-term goals and unsure of the steps you need to take to reach them?

    Look no further than the Breakthrough System!

    This system will break down your big goals into manageable daily tasks, providing you with a clear path to follow. Take part in the Breakthrough System Masterclass to gain clarity and direction in your life.

    Learn how to set meaningful goals, align your actions with your values, and design a life that aligns with your passions and purpose.

    This masterclass offers guidance and tools to help define a clear path forward.

    By the end of the session, you'll have a map of exactly what you need to do to reach your goal. Consistent use of the system will lead to extraordinary results.

  • Dr. Barnsley Brown

    President, Spirited Solutions

    How to Overcome Overwhelm in 7 Easy Steps valued at $27
    Dr. Barnsley Brown

    Want to find 2+ more hours every day for who and what you love?

    Tired of feeling like you have no time, no energy, no ZEST in your life? 

    You’re in the right place so grab Dr. Barnsley Brown's fun-tabulous e-book, How to Overcome Overwhelm in 7 Easy Steps.

  • Sue Clement

    Masterclass Conversion Expert

    Money Making Masterclass Blueprint valued at 197
    Sue Clement

    When you grab your FREE gift of The Money Making Masterclass Blueprint you'll get the exact step-by-step framework that my clients have used to convert clients like crazy. Increasing their conversion rates by 300%+ and generate revenues of 100k+ all from just one Masterclass or Webinar.

    Presenting conversion events like Masterclasses, Webinars, Challenges & Live events are your number one leveraged marketing tool to gain visibility, authority, lead generation and client acquisition.  This Blueprint provides you a comprehensive outline to increase conversions & accelerate your sales on your next event.

     Imagine! Filling your programs & services with just ONE Masterclass!

  • Edward Lissack

    Computer doctor

    Virtual computer spring cleaning valued at $90.00
    Edward Lissack

    Our one hour virtual remote computer spring cleaning features:

    System diagnostics and performance analysis to ensure your computer is running well with improved productivity

    Internal cleanup of unneeded programs, files, and data to increase more storage space and resources

  • Joan Yue

    Ph.D. Chemist turned Miracle Healer.

    On-demand Abundantly Happy Breakthrough 5-Day Challenge valued at $497
    Joan Yue

    Do you want a happy life filled with abundance?


    Access on-demand Abundantly Happy Breakthrough Challenge (including 5 videos and a workbook). 

    • If you are currently struggling with anxiety, worry, or stress…
    • And/or working really hard but only getting little results…
    • And/or have roadblocks stopping you from fulfilling your true potential and ultimate goals and dreams…


    You’ll make breakthroughs to… 

    • Set yourself free from unhappiness, even during hard times.
    • Release old patterns keeping you stuck.
    • Receive energy healing to help you live an abundantly happy life.

    Happiness is the first step to opening the floodgates of manifesting your dreams! 


    Subscribe to this link also to get an additional gift, the eBook: 4 Unconventional Ways to Hack Back Your Time! 


  • Maria Belanic

    Certified Grief Educator

    7 Essential Steps to Self-Love valued at Value $49
    Maria Belanic

    An invitation to create inner peace and an opportunity to discover the love within yourself. 

    Explore the 7 Essential Steps for Self-Love and discover how to treat yourself with compassion and kindness—from setting boundaries, caring for your body, and celebrating and acknowledging the real YOU. The 7 Essential Steps for Self-Love Guide will show you how to create a foundation of love and self-care.  

    So what are you waiting for? Start loving yourself today!

  • Mary Scott

    StartUp & Business Consultant

    "Get 1 Thing Off Your Plate" Office Hours valued at $299
    Mary Scott

    Up to 2 hours of consulting on a Friday afternoon on zoom. May or may not have other people in the room as well.  Mary Scott uses improv & an extensive resource list to give you exactly what you need in a short amount of time.

  • Melissa Deally

    Owner / Integrative Health Practitioner & Registered Health Coach

    Pendulum 101 "FUN"shop valued at $25.00 CAD
    Melissa Deally

    What you will get in this 90 minute experiential workshop

    • Learn how to hold and calibrate your pendulum
    • Learn how to use a pendulum to boost your immune system and metabolism
    • Learn how to use a pendulum to help in decision making in any area of your life.
    • Tons of fun as you play with this tool throughout the session!

    You do not need to purchase a pendulum prior to attending this class, you can literally use: 

    • any necklace with a pendant or
    • use a washer on the end of a string for this session.

    Choose from 3 session dates the one that suits your schedule the best. 

    Use Promo Code: GC to get access fro FREE!

  • Heather Cameron

    Client Attraction and Business Coach

    Build Your 30-Day Cash Creation Game Plan valued at $197
    Heather Cameron

    When it comes to attracting more clients and money, it can be fast and EASY. You have to be willing to think outside the box and commit to taking messy ACTION, QUICKLY. 

    If you are ready for easy, fun, step-by-step strategies to bring in more cash in the next 30 days, you’ll definitely want to access this program NOW! 

  • Melody Owen

    Founder, Author Nation

    Writing Prompts for Nonfiction Authors valued at $17
    Melody Owen

    Looking for inspiration while trying to write your book? Author Nation’s Writing Prompts is the perfect tool to get your creative juices flowing.

    With dozens of thought-provoking prompts, you'll be able to explore the needs of your ideal reader, feel confident in your own expertise, and develop new content ideas. Challenge yourself to create a truly unique book no one else could write. Whether you're a seasoned writer or just starting out, this is the perfect way to take your skills to the next level.

    Download these writing prompts and start exploring the endless possibilities of the written word!

  • Nadine Hanchar


    Beyond the Law of Attraction Handout valued at $175.00
    Nadine Hanchar

    The Law of Attraction is often oversimplified and often people do not get the success they would like. One of the most important aspects often missed is that of the Law of Resonance or Vibration which is critical! In this gift, there are ways you can increase your success with your manifestations by utilizing the Law of Resonance. 

    Happy manifesting!

  • Patrice Porter

    Work Life Integration Coach, Author

    Visioning and UnEarthing Potential Session valued at $250.00
    Patrice Porter

    A session creating a compelling vision for your family, a future vision that is bigger than the present, to set out what is possible for you!

    We'll get you clarity for what it is you want to create - what you want your family life to look like in the future.

    Because a vision without a plan is just a pipe dream, we'll start to lay out those plans - your roadmap for where you want to go.

    Create stepping stones to avoid overwhelm and make bringing that vision to fruition more achievable!

  • Joe Matz

    Business Transformation Gapologist

    Grow Your Business with Podcast Guesting Guide + 50% off course price valued at $150
    Joe Matz

    Grow Your Business with Podcast Guesting
    This free action guide will walk you through the 5 steps to increase your effectiveness as a podcast guest. 

    After receiving your downloadable guide by email, you'll receive an email with information about the Podcast Guesting Success online course and instructions for receiving your 50% off coupon.

  • Sheri Mills

    Functional Nutrition Coach

    Anti-Inflammatory Guide & Recipe Book valued at $39
    Sheri Mills

    In this guide, I explain what inflammation is, what causes it, and what happens if not addressed. I recognize how important it is to release inflammation and heal your body with proper nutrients and recipes that matter.


    I have some of my favorite recipes which are mouth-watering and cater to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I provide a variety, so you will never get bored of enjoying something new and healthy.  

  • Stacy Braiuca

    Technology Therapist™ & Squirrel Wrangler, Owner

    20 Free Leads valued at 397
    Stacy Braiuca

    Who doesn't need leads?  We all do.  Check out this great system while you get free leads in the process… 

  • Anne Dunnett

    Spiritual Entrepreneur & Creative

    Seasonal Living - The Way of Haiku valued at $125
    Anne Dunnett

    By opening our hearts to the natural rhythm of the world around us, we connect more deeply to nature and the seasons. Find stillness within through the Seasonal Living webinar and learn how to live The Way of Haiku. Be inspired by the seasons and haiku poetry and how they represent the ever-changing cycles that remind us to be in the moment, where the past and the future begins to melt away. With each seasonal shift you have the opportunity to tap into your own inner rhythm and connect within through the magic of nature.

  • Blaney Teal

    The Frugal Techie Business Coach

    The Frugal Techie Resource Guide + 1 Strategy Call valued at $197
    Blaney Teal

    Do you wonder what successful business owners use to simplify their business?

    How do some businesss owners get so much done even when on vacation? 

    Its all about implimenting tools, systems and automations into yoir business. This gift is everything you need to save time and money, and shorten you  learning curve. Use only vetted tools to become more productive and save time and money. This gift includes a strategy call with Blaney to get your questions answered about the recommended tools and resources so you impliment the right tools for your business. ($197 value)

  • Bonita Joy Yoder

    Humor Journal

    Humor Journal valued at $14.97
    Bonita Joy Yoder

     Humor Journal: Get your complemenatry Humor Journal with ten humor prompts to help you recognize the fun and funny in your life so that you can infuse more humor into your business and life.  This gift contains humor writing prompts to develop your humor muscle and recognize and remember funny situations.Benefits: engage customers, convert leads, establish rapport,have fun.

  • Cheryl Brewster

    Business Intuitive, Mindset Coach & Speaker

    Embrace Your Inner Pirate Workshop valued at $197
    Cheryl Brewster

    Are you ready to embark on a bold adventure within yourself? Join us for the "Embrace Your Inner Pirate" workshop—a transformative journey that will ignite your inner courage and unleash your true potential. In this 1-hour workshop, I will guide you through powerful exercises and insights to help you embrace your unique strengths, overcome self-doubt, and navigate life's challenges with resilience and confidence.

    Get ready to set sail on a path of self-discovery and empowerment. Discover the treasure trove of possibilities that await when you tap into your inner pirate spirit. Don't miss this opportunity to reclaim your power and embrace the fearless adventurer within you. Sign up for this workshop today and chart a course for a life of authenticity, purpose, and joy.

  • Christine Campbell Rapin

    CEO & Business Mentor

    Client Growth Delivered Bundle valued at $500
    Christine Campbell Rapin

    Want more clients, more income and more profit?  Learn what to focus on DAILY to make it a reality in your business.

    Grab this Client Growth Delivered Bundle including:

    • A downloadable "Virtual Networking Do's & Don'ts" Tip Sheet that will help you improve your first impression when networking.
    • A downloadable "Daily Method of Operation" Tip Sheet that will help you to focus on income producing activities daily.
    • An invitation to the "How to Scale & Attract High Paying Clients Consistently" webinar.
  • Danielle Benzon

    Voice, Presence, and Speaking Coach

    Instantly Unlock the Power of Your Voice valued at $47
    Danielle Benzon

    Ground your nerves and harness their energy to be your best, most powerful, most authentically confident version of yourself. This exercise will help you to INSTANTLY unlock an authentically powerful, charismatic version of your voice. PLUS it will help you to ground and harness your nerves so that you not only LOOK and SOUND confident, but you FEEL confident too! 

    • Reach a louder volume without straining your voice
    • Ground your nerves and use that energy to your advantage
    • Access a powerful, confident vocal tone that makes people pay attention
    • Be more clear and resonant in your speech
    • Do all this while staying true to your unique, authentic voice

    For a strong, clear, authoritative voice with no more wobbles, squeaks, or annoying requests to speak up, check out my most favourite exercise from all of the voice and speaking work I've ever done. 

  • Debi Voris

    Empowering Your Health Give-Away

    Empowering Your Health Give-Away valued at $197
    Debi Voris

    My Empowering Your Health Give-Away, worth $197 includes a Free Consultation, Health Evaluation & Review, a 30-Day Health & Mindset Daily Action Journal, and two Coaching Sessions to jumpstart your transformative journey.

  • Deborah Myers

    Acupressurist & Health Care Educator

    A Journey Towards Mental Health Awareness and Happiness using s valued at $197
    Deborah Myers

    Are you ready to go on a journey that will be a game changer for you and your family’s mental health and well-being? 

    Sign up for this workshop, and you will dive into the world of self-help acupressure, a simple yet powerful practice that can balance energy, soothe the nervous system, ease anxiety and stress, and bring about an overall sense of strength, health, and vitality. 

    The handout with give you the energy tips that I share in the workshop video. 

    Create a supportive environment at home, school, and the workplace. Bring health and wellness to all parts of your life!

  • Diane Wolf


    Stress Management Plan valued at $97
    Diane Wolf

    This is a set of worksheets where you can identify your unique stress responses and develop a plan to manage them based on what you have learned in the session.

  • Dilyana Mileva

    Sleep expert and menopause coach

    3 Steps Toward Menopause Symptoms Relief valued at 27$
    Dilyana Mileva

    Inside this FREE gift, you'll receive:

    A step-by-step guide to each breathing exercise - We'll walk you through each technique, making it easy to follow along and incorporate them into your daily life.

    Breathing exercises for specific symptoms - Whether you're dealing with hot flashes, anxiety, mood swings, or sleep disturbances, we've got you covered. Each exercise is tailored to target a specific symptom, providing you with targeted relief.

    Tips for incorporating breathing exercises into your routine - We'll share practical tips and suggestions on how to integrate these exercises seamlessly into your busy schedule, so you can experience their benefits without disruption.

  • Dr. Richard Kaye

    Business Growth Strategist

    1,000 Email Subject Subject Lines valued at $99.00
    Dr. Richard Kaye

    Most emails are unopened. You know this—you probably trash most of the emails you get without even looking at them.

    These 1,000, proven, email subject lines significantly increase the potential for your emails to get opened!

  • Gerry Foster

    The Branding Evangelist

    Stand Out & Captivate: 1-Hour Video Mini Course valued at $497
    Gerry Foster

    High-level branding strategies to stand out, get noticed  to attract your ideal clients in 60 days or less!

  • Greg Dixon

    Traffic and Conversion Enabler

    Online Effectiveness Review for Total Traffic and Conversion valued at 99
    Greg Dixon

    We look at your online assets including your LinkedIn, Social Media, Website, YouTube, and other assets to see if your messaging supports your current offers. 

    We also look at your website performance and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to see how well search engines display your website and other assets. 

    We provide a roadmap of recommendations for changes and additions that could vastly improve your online effectiveness leading to more organic traffic and sales.

    You can use your team to implement the recommendations or discuss how we can help you.

  • Iris Culp

    Marketing Strategist & LinkedIn Coach

    LinkedIn Profile Audit/Review valued at 79
    Iris Culp

    Imagine receiving a connection request or seeing a post from someone who doesn't have a banner image or a clear profile picture vs. receiving it from someone that has both images that are compelling. 
    Or imagine seeing a post from someone that clearly defines in their headline what they do, vs. from someone that only has their job title there.
    The profile is what makes the difference.

  • Jill Lublin

    4x Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Master Publicity Strategist

    Jill Lublin's Publicity Breakthrough Bootcamp - July 27 - 29, 2023 valued at $197.00
    Jill Lublin

    How Would You Like An Insider Access To Our Closed-Door Bootcamp… Where You Can 'Copy & Paste' Our Proven PR Strategies To Attract More Visibility To Your Business, Become A Celebrity In Your Niche, And Have A Long Waitlist of Dream Clients…


    …Even in The Most Competitive Industries?


    Give me 2-4 hours daily for 3 short days and I’ll show you the exact action steps to dominate your industry and fill your pipeline with loads of dream clients… without hiring a PR agency or spending more money on advertisements.


    Enter the promo code GRAND - a credit card will still be required but you will not be charged. 



  • Julie Ann

    Founder House of Influence PV

    Get started on your book 2 hour webinar valued at $99
    Julie Ann

    This 2 hour zoom session leads you through a series of questions to help you craft your book purpose and understand your audience and how to influence them with your expertise.  Your book is a 200 page business card to showcase your knowledge and gain author-ity and credibility.

  • Kyra Jones

    Financial Coach

    Credit Repair Masterclass valued at $47
    Kyra Jones

    Don't let your credit score hold you back from home ownership, or buying a vehicle. Credit heals really quickly when you take care of what is negatively affecting your scores.

  • Latara Dragoo

    Create A Strong Online Presence

    Create a Strong Online Presence by Having A VOICE valued at $97
    Latara Dragoo
    • Discover the simple formula of A VOICE for building your brand and attracting ideal clients.
    • Stop chasing down customers, knocking on doors, and cold calling.
    • Take advantage of the benefits of online marketing to simplify your sales-generating strategies.
    • Don't get bogged down my tech overwhelm and look like a pro online.


    In my A VOICE Masterclass, I will share with you 6 ways to maximize your online presence, with your website and social media.

    You can use the Cheat-Sheet when you are posting on social media to make sure you are ticking off all the boxes.

    The Ebook is a deep-dive into the details of each of the 6 ways, for an even deeper understanding of the concept and implementation for each strategy.

  • Laura Doman

    Voice & On Camera Actress

    Top 10 Tips: How to Speak On Camera Like a Pro valued at $35
    Laura Doman

    Are you preparing to speak in a business or training video? 

    Present online either live or in a recorded session? 

    Or maybe participate in a Zoom interview or panel discussion? 

    Take the fear, nervousness, and uncertainty out of the experience so that the real, unique YOU can shine and truly engage your audience. With a few simple tips from the actor's handbook, you can bring a dynamic 3D presence to 2D media. And like a pro, make the camera work for YOU.  

  • Linda Rhinehart

    Executive Director

    Ten Ways to Find Funding for Your Small Business valued at $197
    Linda Rhinehart

    A resource guide on how to access traditional and non-traditional forms of funding.  Access available streams of funding that align with your mission for your program, project or service.

  • Mary E Knippel Knippel

    The Soul Story Writer

    3 Steps to New Author Success valued at $27
    Mary E Knippel Knippel

    This a simple and easy guide to get started writing and to create a writing practice to keep writing on a continuous basis.

  • Nick Kidawski

    HeartMath Coach/Energy Healing Expert

    Sadness To Serenity Breakup Toolkit valued at $49
    Nick Kidawski

    Still Sad About Your Breakup That Happened Months Ago?

    In this toolkit, you'll learn 3 powerful heart-centered tools to help you:

    • Neutralize your mind and emotions to stop judging yourself or your ex and see your situation with clarity.
    • Replace sadness, despair, or guilt with a renewing attitude using your heart's wisdom and experience a more balanced state.
    • Discover "hinge points" to prevent you from falling back into typical old patterns so you can make new, empowering choices.
  • Robert Butwin

    Business Strategist and Networking Mentor

    My list of 50+ excellent places to network online valued at $97
    Robert Butwin

    Ready to fill your calendar with more of your perfect prospects and ideal referral partners?

    They call me the wizard of networking for a reason. 

    Every day I get out, enjoy life, meet new people, and help others do the same. 
    I've collected a long list of excellent places to network and am offering you a copy.

  • Sandy Goe

    Memorable Marketing Consultant

    Top 10 Marketing Campaigns with Memorable Marketing Tips from Sandy valued at $499
    Sandy Goe

    This is a FUN read, including a brief review Top 10 Successful Marketing Campaigns:

    ● 1. Nike

    ● 2. Pepsi

    ● 3. California Milk Processor Board

    ● 4. Dove

    ● 5. Old Spice

    ● 6. Coca-Cola

    ● 7. Snickers

    ● 8. GoPro

    ● 9. Apple

    ● 10. Heineken

    Additionally, Sandy adds Memorable Marketing tips on each slide.

    You will also receive more insightful tips in your email box for a few days following opening your gift so that you will be encouraged to start trying new approaches to your business marketing and naturally become MORE MEMORABLE!  

  • Sherri Coffelt

    Results Coach

    LinkedIn Profile Optimization Kit valued at $97
    Sherri Coffelt

    LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing lead sources for service-based businesses. And it all starts with your LinkedIn profile. 

    Nail it, and watch your connections grow with collaboration partners, referral partners, and potential clients.

    Grab this LinkedIn Profile Optimization Kit to access three resources; My Top 10 Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile, so you can create a consistent flow of high quality leads and Connection Calls. Plus, the template to create a stellar profile picture and Canva templates for the perfect banner for service-based entrepreneurs.

    Together, you’ll blow them away when they visit your profile!

  • Thomas Gay


    EngagePro Max... two months free valued at $80.00
    Thomas Gay

    Get unlimited use of the entire EngagePro platform free for two months. With this, you can build your own new referral team, increase your sales and client retention. and put your business and income on the path you've always wanted. Results start in just a few days and as you apply the trust building tools built into EngagePro, you'll never wonder where your next new client is going to come from. Check out EngagePro.com and then use the special link to get your free 2-month access.

  • Trish Rossiter

    Holistic Wellness Practitioner

    My Quality of Life Pain and Activity Scorecard valued at $10
    Trish Rossiter

    This booklet provides easy to use tools to raise awareness of any area of life you may feel unfulfilled in and would love to improve upon. Such awareness can help you to prioritise action that can ultimately help you experience a greater quality of life today.

  • Steve Gaston


    Golden Ticket to The Masterclass Sessions LIVE online Series valued at £50
    Steve Gaston

    Golden Ticket to The Masterclass Sessions LIVE online Series

  • Susan Jarema and Carolyn Cooper McOuatt

    Founders of The Grand Connection

    The Grand Principles of Networking Workshop valued at 199
    Susan Jarema and Carolyn Cooper McOuatt

    In this workshop you will learn how to build your network AND build Grand Connections that bring your success. Discover who your best collaborative partners are, gain clarity on your message, create Grand Introductions, practice and get feedback, plus much more in this practical and interactive workshop series

  • Anne Asher


    Pain Free at the Desk in 5 Minutes valued at $97
    Anne Asher

    Does your desk job give you discomfort and poor posture? My free e-book shows you how to start feeling better immediately. You'll come away with....

    • Comfortable, Healthy Sitting Posture
    • Neck and Shoulder Tension Relief
    • Simple Chair Tweaks (No or Low Cost)
    • Posture Success Checklist
    • And  More!


  • Barbara Ingrassia


    Is Your Content Secure and Compliant? Take the IP Protection Scorecard to find out valued at $197
    Barbara Ingrassia

    Do you have a website, blog, YouTube channel? Do you post on social media?  Your original content is valuable Intellectual Property; it’s your GOLDMINE.

    You have an online presence. You want to be found—by the right people. But there are people lurking in cyberspace, eager to steal your content.

    How secure is your content?

    This assessment is designed to help you discover where you are on track toward keeping your content and website secure and compliant and get crystal clear around what missing pieces could be leaving you at risk. 

    I invite you to take just 3 minutes to get those answers.

    30-minute follow-up call to discuss your results.


  • Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt

    World Class Business Strategist, Speaker

    3 Keys to Conscious Inspired Leadership to Live and Lead Above the Line Workshop! valued at $197
    Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt

    Are you ready to Step UP, Show UP, and Speak UP to achieve your BIG business dreams and profits?

    Join us for this engaging, inspiring, and immersive 90-minute workshop to transform your business clarity, purpose, and prosperity. 

    You have an opportunity to build a new revitalized foundation for success by learning to live and lead above the line. Discover your authentic purpose, define your big business dreams, goals, core values with intentions and establish your dream team for success.

  • Jeannie Dougherty

    Upgrade Your Money Blueprint

    Upgrade Your Money Blueprint valued at $297
    Jeannie Dougherty

    Discover how to break your patterns of money self-sabotage

  • Julie Jones

    Productivity Expert

    Your Time Is Now valued at $97
    Julie Jones

    Isn't it time that you finally  put yourself as a priority? As an entrepreneur, I know first hand that it can be a struggle thinking EVERYTHING is a priority. The quick video will give you clear instructions on 5 easy ways to streamline your day to be more productive.

    As an added bonus, you will receive a free download of my chapter, Face the Fear and Do it Anyway.  Be sure to scan the QR code for a free 30 minute live out loud call with me.

  • Julz Vitality

    Visibility Mentor & Business Coach

    Shortcuts to Visibility that Converts valued at $147
    Julz Vitality

    Whether you already speak on stages or podcasts, or just starting, attracting people to your BUSINESS should be the result! Many spin their wheels going on shows without having the formula to bring back the leads. Grab this handy cheat-sheet, and see the difference.

  • Kimberley Day

    Marketing and Media Specialist

    10 Step Guide to Plan and Write a Client Attracting Book + Book Planning Workshop valued at $97
    Kimberley Day

    In this interactive workbook + workshop you'll be walked through the steps to create an amazing book that will change your business forever! It's an easy to follow guide with space to write your answers… so go ahead, download it, print it, and grab a pen!

    Then join the step-by-step workshop, where I'll teach you exactly how to create the perfect book for your perfect client so that you can make a difference in their lives and share your expertise with the world.

    So, what are you waiting for? Ready?! Let's go! I can't wait to see the book you create!

  • Marianne DAlessandro

    Virtual Assistant and Newsletter Creator

    3 Easy Steps to Newsletter Success valued at $30
    Marianne DAlessandro

    Be EXCITED to write your story !!
    DO IT in 30 minutes or less !!
    CONNECT with your audience consistently !!!
    Hit “send” CONFIDENTLY!

    This workbook is for you if you are frustrated, stressed, or simply not creating a newsletter.

    You will be guided through:

    • components of a newsletter
    • where to focus your efforts
    • newsletter idea topics
    • call to action statements

    And you’ll build a solid newsletter mindset where you’ll enjoy creating your newsletter as often as you like!

    3 EASY Steps to Newsletter Success - It doesn’t get any easier than this!

  • Mike Stewart

    Mike Stewart Elephant in the Room Coach

    A Free 30-Minute Elephant in the Room Call valued at $150
    Mike Stewart

    During our 30-minute call you will get present to the Elephant in your relationship and gain tools to put that elephant on a diet and eventually evict it from your relationship.

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